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As major auto brands throughout the world are scrambling to be the first with a street-safe autonomous vehicle in its lineup – Mazda is taking a different approach. It should come as no surprise that the Japanese car maker is adamant about keeping drivers behind the steering wheel, especially when considering their long and storied history as a company. As a Mazda dealership, we love sharing what makes our favorite automotive brand so unique.

Making Two-Percent Really Count

It’s no secret that Mazda is one of the smallest car brands in the world. Taking up just a two-percent share in annual automotive sales around the globe – the Japanese automaker has been able to successfully cater to a small niche of drivers that those bigger guys too often leave behind. Mazda loyalists are drivers who have a love for driving and for what it is like to sit behind the wheel of a responsive car and navigate winding roadways. They enjoy every aspect of driving, and aren’t keen on letting go of that part of their life.

On the official Mazda website, it is clear that the Mazda Spirit is very much alive and well. Asking and answering a question that is becoming increasingly controversial, Mazda takes aim at Why Driving Matters? Take a look at what the company has to say about this very question:

Have you ever thought about the way your car makes you feel? Does it make you feel anything at all? Or is it just a piece of sheet metal? Simply a way to get you from A to B? We believe a car should stir the emotions. It should make your heart race before you even get behind the wheel. This is our mantra: Make cars that make driving matter. That’s why we build every Mazda to inspire, excite and most of all – bring people joy. This philosophy guides everything we do. From technology, to design, to safety. Our cars are built by insightful craftsmen and detail-obsessed engineers who love driving just as much as you do. Because Driving Matters.

If that doesn’t elicit all kinds of warm and fuzzy feels, then perhaps you fall into the category of drivers excited about becoming free of navigating from behind a steering wheel. If you are inspired by Mazda’s stance on Why Driving Matters, then continue reading to take a quick walk down memory lane and explore the rich history of the Mazda brand.

The History of Mazda

Mazda was founded back in 1920 in Hiroshima, Japan. Known as the Toyo Cork Kogyo Co., Ltd, it wasn’t until 1984 that the Mazda name would be adopted by the automaker. Before changing their name and becoming the brand that car buyers today know and love, Mazda made plenty of incredible advancements in the automotive world. From inventing the most widely used car engine in the world, to engineering an iconic and affordable roadster, Mazda has quite the impressive portfolio. Take a look at these accomplishments in more detail, below.

  • The Rotary Engine: The first of such achievements came in 1967 with the creation of the rotary engine. The manufacturer set out six years earlier with the intention to develop a flawless rotary engine, and muddled through plenty of setbacks and problems along the way to success. Mazda’s rotary engine was introduced to the public in the Cosmo Sport model, the first volume production sports car in the world powered by a rotary engine. The Mazda Cosmo Sport was able to generate 110 horsepower, and could achieve a maximum speed of 115 miles per hour.
  • The Mazda Miata: The brand’s second major achievement came in 1989 with the debut of the now-iconic Miata roadster. Master engineer, Kenichi Yamamoto was the mastermind behind the daringly different sports car, which would become the first generation Mazda MX-5 Miata. Yamamoto’s goal was to build a sports car that was as lightweight as it was a “joy to drive.” The hard work and persistence in perfecting their dream paid off. The Miata is now a fan-favorite of the brand, not to mention one of the most iconic sports cars on the road. Today, there are more than one million Miatas out on the road.
  • SKYACTIV Technology: Mazda began developing its SKYACTIV technology in 2010. Because the brand believes that vehicles should be engineered for maximum efficiency and driving dynamics, Mazda set out on a mission to develop its own innovative technology. SKYACTIV technology is now incorporated into the entire Mazda lineup, and provides incredible fuel economy without compromising on performance.
  • KODO Design Language: In 2010, along with the introduction of SKYACTIV technology, Mazda debuted its newest design language known as KODO. This “soul of motion” theme was designed to capture the feeling of motion even when the vehicle was motionless. This stunning design language allowed vehicles in the brand’s lineup to stand out with a sleekness that it hadn’t been able to in the past.
  • Car of the Year: In 2016, the Mazda MX-5 Miata was named the 2016 World Car of the Year and also won the World Car Design of the Year award. The title was bestowed upon the iconic sportscar after a selection committee of automotive journalists from around the world voted for the Miata.

The Mazda Spirit

After traveling through the history of the Mazda brand, it’s no wonder why the brand has so many loyal fans and drivers. While the other 98-percent of major car manufacturers around the world have no choice but to follow industry trends, Mazda is able to stick to its roots and passion for driving.

The 2017 Mazda lineup is another impressive page in the brand’s history book, and is available now at DePaula Mazda. Whether you are looking for a commuter sedan, a capable crossover, or an affordable and fun-to-drive sports car – the 2017 Mazda lineup has you covered. Come down to the newest Mazda dealership in Albany today, and take these incredible cars for a test drive. See for yourself first hand what makes Mazda stand out from the competition, and why we are proud to be part of the two-percent.

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