Facts About Mazda SUVs

June 29th, 2018 by

Mazda SUVs

When you think of Mazda, you may think of the iconic cars that many people have bought and driven when they wanted a taste of pure performance at an affordable price. The image of affordable luxury may come to mind or the distinctive look that the company has shaped over the past few years. If you haven’t seen the Mazda model lineup in recent years, however, you may be surprised to learn that Mazda is no longer exclusively in the business of cars. In fact, there is now a line of SUVs to check out when you want a vehicle with a little more meat. A Mazda SUV like the CX-5 is built to the same exacting standards as the cars. The only difference is the size and handling characteristics of the vehicle itself. The Mazda SUV is geared for families and individuals who can’t get by with the car alone. Maybe you need more passenger space or cargo room. Maybe you need the extra traction and performance a true SUV can deliver. Whatever the reason may be, a Mazda SUV is the perfect choice to get more from your main mode of transportation. There’s so much to learn about the whole Mazda line that it can be overwhelming at first. Therefore, this article is all about just one of the premier Mazda SUVs on the roads today: the CX-5. This compact crossover bridges the gap between true full-size SUVs and larger sedans. Fitting in the middle gives it the best of both worlds: more room, better fuel efficiency, and a car-like driving experience. If you know nothing about the work Mazda has put into its SUV line; this model is a good place to start learning some simple, quick facts.


Unique Design

The Mazda CX-5 was first introduced in 2012 with the 2013 model year rolling out. Not only was it a significant departure from the long-established Mazda sedan and coupe lines that have been popular with countless customers, it was also the first time Mazda adopted a new design language. If you’re not familiar with Mazda design, the company likes to take a more artesian approach when creating and crafting their vehicles.

Known as KODO, this design language is a unique approach that Mazda takes when designing their vehicles. In short, this design language is all about movement and motion. Even when a vehicle is sitting still, Mazda designers like to create the effect of movement, as if the vehicle is ready to leap into motion at a moment’s notice.

The CX-5 was the very first Mazda vehicle created from this design language. It was the first step that influenced all other new and existing models since that point. Looking at the CX-5 is all you need to truly understand what KODO is all about. Sleek, elegant exterior lines create an aerodynamic surface that improves performance and fuel efficiency.

It may sound silly or unnecessary, but a great design language is what defines the products a car company creates. The Mazda vehicle would not be Mazda if its designers were careless about the overall approach they took when creating it. As a result, the CX-5 was a significant step forward towards the quality and consistency that Mazda creates time and time again today.


New Technology

The CX-5 wasn’t just the first Mazda car to feature the new design philosophy of Mazda; it was also a platform for new technologies that have characterized Mazda performance these days. Most notably, it was the first car to roll out with the full sky active technology suite.

This technology suite is a package of different systems and upgrades focused on more efficient engines and transmissions. The result is better fuel efficiency, reduced emissions and fuel consumption, and an overall more responsive drivetrain.

The idea was born out of the goal to provide more for Mazda customers. Not being satisfied with just “good enough,” Mazda knew there was a better way to have more performance and fuel efficiency at the same time. There’s no reason that an SUV should be any different. Therefore, the CX-5 represents the rejection of the notion that SUVs can’t be quick and fuel-efficient at the same time.


Continued Evolution

Mazda SUVs, just like their car counterparts, are not static vehicles. The design of a model like the CX-5 is always changing. From year-to-year, you can expect minor updates that matter most. Subtle changes to the look, minor tweaks to the engine and drivetrain, different features, are all common to keep the model fresh for the next year. Every so often, there comes the time to start over from scratch with a new generation.

In 2017, the CX-5 reached this point. When out of the first generation, Mazda overhauled the overall look and design of the vehicle with a few unexpected surprises in the mix.

Once again, this was a time of firsts for the vehicle. In addition to the extensive range of powerful, fuel-efficient gasoline engines the SUV offered, Mazda introduced the first diesel engine available on a Mazda vehicle. For customers who prefer the greater fuel economy of diesel fuel, this was a welcomed surprise.

Since that time, Mazda has continued to push the limits of automotive design with the CX-5. More and more advanced systems and features have become standard on the SUV, including a great suite of active safety systems and conveniences like a great infotainment system. Mazda SUVs are also more connected now than ever. With Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, it is easy to connect to a smartphone for safe, hands-free operation while in the vehicle.


Just A Start

The CX5 is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the whole Mazda line of SUVs. Even though the line isn’t as iconic as Mazda cars, it holds a special place in many loyal customers hearts. Unlike other SUV lines, Mazda SUV models offer a true blend of everything you like about cars and larger vehicles.

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