This is Why it’s Important to Check the Backseat of Your Mazda SUV

August 18th, 2017 by

With summer in full swing here in Albany, NY, our Mazda drivers will be looking forward to taking off with their families to the Adirondack Mountains, Lake George, or the beaches of Cape Cod. Many of them will be taking their latest Mazda SUVs loaded with kids, suitcases, sports equipment, camping gear, and swimsuits.

But summer is not always fun and carefree. It can also be a deadly time of year, especially for children who travel in the backseat. That’s because children continue to die of heatstroke after accidentally being locked in hot cars, left alone by their parents or caregivers. The numbers are sad and alarming. An average of 37 children die each year in hot cars, or one child every nine days, reports, an advocacy group. Roughly 800 children died from heatstroke after accidentally being locked in hot cars between 1990 and 2015, the group says.

If you have children and their friends traveling in the backseat of your Mazda SUV, here are some tips about updating your safety plans for the summer season.


Car Locked, Windows Up

If you’ve parked your Mazda SUV in the driveway, keep the car locked at all times and the windows up. These important precautions ensure that your kids will not get into the vehicle on their own. According to Kids and Cars, more than a quarter of kids who died from heatstroke in cars got in the vehicle by themselves. Don’t leave the windows open to cool down your SUV’s interior. It’s just an open invitation for kids to crawl inside, perhaps while playing a game of Hide and Seek. When the car is stationary, it should be locked. Roll up windows, lock the doors, and make sure the trunk is tightly secured to prevent kids from climbing in without you noticing.


Guard Your Keys

Always keep your car keys in your purse or with your wallet, and well out of reach. While kids may find it fun to play with your car keys by pushing buttons and making the car horn blast, it also teaches them how to enter the car easily. This could result in them letting themselves into your Mazda SUV while you’re busy unloading groceries or talking to a neighbor. It only takes 10 minutes in a car’s interior to heat up by more than 19 degrees making it extremely dangerous for your young ones. It’s much safer to buy a set of pretend keys for them to play with.


Plant a Backseat Reminder

Here’s a clever safety tip. Plant a vital backseat reminder in your Mazda SUV. This could be a purse, cell phone, lunch, or wallet. By making this part of your routine, this simple procedure will remind you to go to your backseat to retrieve that item and remember to take your sleeping child with you, too.


Schedule Backup Support

Certainly no one is perfect, not even a dedicated and loving parent. If you’ve had a change of routine, like getting back from vacation or switching which parent is dropping off their child, you might be more prone to forgetting your child in the car. To help assist, ask your daycare provider or babysitter to call you if they notice your child has not arrived by a designated time. If they can alert you within a few minutes, rather than several hours, your child will be protected and potentially saved from dire circumstances.


Don’t Leave the Engine Running

Oftentimes, parents will leave a child in their vehicle because the child was fast asleep and shouldn’t be woken up. So instead, the parent makes the wrong decision and leaves the child in the hot car with the engine running and the AC on. This option can be fatal. Adults lack the ability to properly gauge a car’s interior temperature with respect to their child’s health. That’s because children’s bodies heat up three to five times faster than an adult. Even if a parent can withstand the heat, a small child cannot. Either stay in the car with the AC on or bring the child inside immediately.


Don’t Wait. Call 911!

If you’re walking through a parking lot or shopping center garage and see a child left alone in a car, call 911 immediately. Experts urge people to be proactive. There’s no way that you know how long the child has been in the vehicle, nor do you know when the parents will return. You’ll need to let the police and emergency crew know about the situation and let them break the glass and get the child to safety.


Mazda SUVs: Family-Friendly Appeal

Remember, your Mazda SUV is engineered to have the latest safety equipment to protect you and your family. Some family-friendly appeal includes a second-row passenger seat that will tilt and slide forward giving access to the third row even with a front-facing child seat installed. Your Mazda SUV also includes a new three-zone, automatic climate control air-conditioning system, as well as an added pair of manual sunshades to the second-row windows. The controls are mounted on the back of the center storage bin to allow passengers to control their own temperature and airflow settings. Your children will also appreciate your Mazda’s two available USB charging ports in the second row; they’re inside the middle seat’s armrest compartment. These ports also charge at 2.1 amps, which is more than double the power of the two USB ports in the CX-9’s first row.

As you drive during the summer months, remember to be wise and alert and never leave your sleeping infants or children in the backseat of your Mazda SUV.

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